There are a lot of people who want to learn to play guitar in Orange County but have no idea where to start. Trying to learn to play from watching videos on the internet doesn’t quite cut it. To really progress, you need a qualified guitar instructor to give you the proper feedback to guide you in the right direction. Otherwise, you might end up spending weeks developing bad habits that become nearly impossible to break without professional guidance from a qualified guitar teacher. A well balanced method is one that includes technique, theory, ear training, improvising, and applying it all to playing songs. An experienced guitar instructor will help any student progress at an accelerated rate.

Learn to play guitar in Orange County

As long as the student practices! Whether you want to learn the guitar just to play songs for fun… or you are serious about really learning the ins and outs of the instrument, get a good guitar teacher. If you are in Orange County and you are looking to play the guitar, 5 star rated guitar instructor Mark Hamrock with Hamrock Music offers professional private guitar lessons in a quiet setting that is set up as a perfect learning environment. Learn any genre of music, from rock, blues, jazz, and classical guitar, at any skill level. Mark has been a top rated guitar teacher in Orange County for over 20 years.

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