Located minutes down Irvine Center Drive from the Irvine Spectrum shopping center is Hamrock Music, one of Orange County’s best venues for private guitar and bass lessons. Established over 20 years ago, Hamrock Music is the go-to place for Irvine guitar lessons for students of all levels wanting to learn styles of music ranging from rock and blues to classical and jazz, and everything in between. Many Hamrock Music student alumni include professional musicians, local music teachers, Hollywood actors, professional athletes and Olympians, and prominent figures in the community.

Irvine Guitar Lessons

Guitar and bass instructor Mark Hamrock states “Irvine has a lot of international families that value music education and push the kids to play a musical instrument. This is really a great thing because it teaches discipline, goal setting, and improves your math skills. At least I believe so. I’ve played a musical instrument since I can remember and math was not my strongest subject as a child but I believe that studying music theory really helped me to recognize patterns and ultimately a higher logic. The thing I’ve always loved about music is that it is truly a whole brain experience. It helps you develop as an artist and exercises the left side of the brain.”

A lot of scientific studies in neurobiology agree with Mark and conclude there is a lot of evidence to support that music education, in particular at an early age, does help people improve their math skills. And it’s fun! If you are in the city of Irvine and looking to improve your guitar (and math) skills, email Mark Hamrock to get started today!

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Check out Hamrock Music’s YouTube Channel for video lessons for learning guitar, bass guitar, music theory, songwriting, composing, and music production.