Long time Aliso Viejo resident Mark Hamrock with Hamrock Music has been the “go-to” guy for Aliso Viejo guitar lessons for the last 20 plus years. Mark teaches all styles of guitar including rock, blues, jazz, classical, and country, to all levels of players. Mark also has taught quite a few of the local guitar teachers in the area. If you are looking to advance your musicianship skills quickly sign up for lessons today. Lessons are custom tailored to each individual student depending on their skill level and ultimate goal. Students learn a well balanced curriculum of technique, theory, ear training, and application by learning songs and solos.

Aliso Viejo Guitar Lessons

“There are a lot of younger families in Aliso Viejo so I get a lot of young professionals and teenagers that want to improve their playing” says Mark. “I get the whole gamut of students, from people that have been playing for years to beginners. It is really convenient for them because of the location and the days/times that I provide.”

Besides giving music lessons, Mark also records, produces, and composes music in a variety of styles for different formats including film and video games. If you are located in Aliso Viejo and are looking for guitar lessons than check out Hamrock Music today and get started on improving your playing now!

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Check out Hamrock Music’s YouTube Channel for video lessons for learning guitar, bass guitar, music theory, songwriting, composing, and music production.