Guitar Lessons and Bass Lessons – Costa Mesa

Hamrock Music Instruction provides lessons to a lot of students looking for guitar lessons or bass lessons in Costa Mesa. Costa Mesa has long had a rich music and arts culture and one of the first music schools Mark Hamrock taught at was located there. After studying with greats Rusty Anderson (Paul McCartney guitarist) for rock and blues, David Tannenbaum and Scott Tennant for classical, and Alan Rowe (Stan Kenton Orchestra) for jazz, Mark started Hamrock Music Instruction and has been Orange County’s premiere professional instructor for over 15 years.

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Guitar Lessons – Costa Mesa

If you are looking for guitar lessons in Costa Mesa, and want to learn more than just how to play songs, then Mark would be a great teacher for you. Become an accomplished musician and understand what you are playing and why through a balance of theory, ear training, improvising, technique, and even song writing. If you are currently taking lessons and feel like you are not getting the in depth instruction to make you a true musician then call or email Hamrock Music today! Over a thousand students have become masters of rock, blues, country, metal, classical and jazz with Mark’s coaching.

Bass Lessons – Costa Mesa

Hamrock Music has graduated a lot of students to become gigging bass players in bands all over Orange County and Los Angeles in an amazingly short amount of time. Other students have become guitar and bass teachers themselves. If you are at any level and have aspirations of playing live gigs with a band, or maybe just want to play for your own fun, Hamrock Music Instruction can help you reach your goals quickly! If you are looking for bass lessons in Costa Mesa then call or email Mark today to get started.

Music Events and Venues in Costa Mesa

  • Costa Mesa is a Mecca of culture and arts in Orange County. The Segerstrom Center for the Arts presents everything from opera and orchestral concerts to jazz and blues performances from guitar legends such as B.B. King and Pat Metheny, as well as classical guitarists John Williams and Pepe Romero.

    • Costa Mesa has a great live music scene and is home to several long standing staples of the Orange County music scene including The Tiki Bar and The Wayfarer (formerly The Detroit Bar and Club Mesa). Other bars and clubs that host live music include The Harp Inn, La Cave, and Boathouse Collective.

      • Notable musicians that have called Costa Mesa home include Bad Religion bassist Jay Bentley, Social Distortion singer and guitarist Mike Ness, and rock bands Of Mice and Men and The Growlers.