3107, 2018

Guitar Speed Exercise (Pentatonic)

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In my last blog, I talked about some techniques and tips for increasing speed on the guitar. Now let’s put them to use in an […]

1507, 2018

How to Increase Speed on the Guitar

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In this post we’ll look at how to increase speed on the guitar. Developing speed on the guitar will not happen overnight, and like any […]

2703, 2017
  • Irvine Guitar Lessons

Irvine Guitar Lessons

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Located minutes down Irvine Center Drive from the Irvine Spectrum shopping center is Hamrock Music Instruction , one of Orange County’s best venues for […]

2003, 2017
  • Lake Forest Guitar Lessons

Lake Forest Guitar Lessons

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“Where is the best place to go for Lake Forest guitar lessons?” you might ask. With a few choices out there it can be a […]

1203, 2017
  • Aliso Viejo Guitar Lessons

Aliso Viejo Guitar Lessons

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Long time Aliso Viejo resident Mark Hamrock with Hamrock Music Instruction has been the “go-to” guy for Aliso Viejo guitar lessons for the […]

703, 2017

Laguna Hills Guitar Lessons

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Looking for Laguna Hills guitar lessons? Located right off of Lake Forest Drive and Moulton Parkway in Laguna Hills, Hamrock Music Instruction […]

2802, 2017
  • Guitar lessons in San Juan Capistrano

Guitar Lessons in San Juan Capistrano

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Because of its rich history of arts and music there are a lot of people looking for guitar lessons in San Juan Capistrano. Committed aspiring […]

3101, 2017
  • Learn to play guitar in Orange County

Learn to Play Guitar in Orange County

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There are a lot of people who want to learn to play guitar in Orange County but have no idea where to start. Trying to […]

201, 2017
  • Online guitar lessons Orange County

Online Guitar Lessons in Orange County

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If you are looking to get guitar lessons but find yourself short for time, one option to consider is online guitar lessons in Orange County. […]

2612, 2016
  • Professional Guitar Teacher in Orange County

Professional Guitar Teacher in Orange County

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Looking for a professional guitar teacher in Orange County? Mark Hamrock with Hamrock Music Instruction has been one of the premiere guitar instructors […]