1202, 2020
  • Fender Champion 40 Guitar Combo Amp

Best Beginner Guitar Amps for 2020

By |February 12, 2020|Guitar Gear|0 Comments

In this blog we’re going to break down the best beginner guitar amps for 2020. The following are selected based on reviews and affordability, with […]

1401, 2020

Best Beginner Acoustic Guitars for 2020

By |January 14, 2020|Guitar Gear|0 Comments

In this post I’m going to be presenting the best beginner Acoustic Guitars for 2020. Acoustic guitars typically offer a less expensive entry point into […]

901, 2020
  • Best Metal Beginner Electric Guitar for 2020

Best Beginner Electric Guitars for 2020

By |January 9, 2020|Guitar Gear|0 Comments

If you’re looking for the best beginner electric guitars of 2020 you’ve come to the right place! The following list is mainly organized by style […]

201, 2020
  • budget electric guitar

Best Budget Beginner Electric Guitars for 2020

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In this review, we’re going to look at the best budget beginner electric guitars for 2020. As a professional full time guitar instructor, I’ve coached […]

809, 2014
  • Suhr Badger 18

Suhr Badger 18 review

By |September 8, 2014|Guitar Gear|0 Comments

John Suhr makes top shelf guitars and amps, all high dollar stuff and all highly respected among lovers of boutique gear. The Badger 18 is […]

3007, 2014
  • Stratocaster

The Best Guitar for Beginners

By |July 30, 2014|Guitar Gear|0 Comments

What is the best guitar for beginners? It really depends on the genre of music you want to play as well as your budget. The […]