2303, 2016
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Improve Your Bass Playing in 6 Steps

By |March 23, 2016|Bass Lessons|2 Comments

As a bass player, your job is to provide a solid foundation for the band you are playing in, both rhythmically and dynamically. These 6 […]

1908, 2015
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Music Lessons in Orange County Magnify the Results of Hard Work and Talent

By |August 19, 2015|Bass Lessons, Guitar Lessons|0 Comments

What is the reason why some guitar players become truly great musicians while so many others continue to struggle for years (or decades) without improving their musical skills? Is it natural talent? The amount of time spent practicing? Access to higher quality guitar learning resources? Continue reading “Music Lessons in Orange County Magnify the Results of Hard Work and Talent” »

1006, 2015
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For Budding Musicians: Why Take Bass Guitar Lessons?

By |June 10, 2015|Bass Lessons|0 Comments

Listening to a progressive metal band like Dream Theater can transport you in a state of awe, especially when the tumultuous bass lines of John […]

1003, 2015
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Taking Guitar & Bass Lessons to Improve Your Skill

By |March 10, 2015|Bass Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Press Release|0 Comments

There is always that dream to become the next Eddie Van Halen or Jimmy Page. Grinding the axe to a song like “Eruption” or “Heartbreaker” […]

2901, 2015
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Getting Music Lessons in the Internet Age

By |January 29, 2015|Bass Lessons, Guitar Lessons|0 Comments

With the help of the Internet, your living room may very well be your classroom, as more and more universities offer online degree programs for students who are too busy to take on-campus classes. Furthermore, there are now companies that offer free online courses—often called MOOC by students, short for massively open online courses—that cover anything from algebra to computer science and even robotics. Now, even music teachers are joining the trend, as this article by Lee Romney from The Los Angeles Times reports:
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1612, 2014
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The Advantages of Taking Private Music Lessons

By |December 16, 2014|Bass Lessons, Guitar Lessons|0 Comments

Whether you’re a parent looking to enroll your child into a nice music institution or a student seeking to broaden your artistic horizons, the right choice could spell just how much you can learn in the first place. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider getting private music lessons in Orange County, CA from instructors like Mark Hamrock of Hamrock Music. Continue reading “The Advantages of Taking Private Music Lessons” »

1112, 2014
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Bass Guitar Lessons – Honing your Axe

By |December 11, 2014|Bass Lessons|0 Comments

Bass guitarists are always integral parts of every band. Together with the drummer, they help round out the rhythms of every song despite repeating the chords all the time. However, there are nuances to nail down pat if any bass player wants to make it big in their combo, as Matt Scharfglass of Guitar World magazine points out:
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