The best Skype bass lessons are taught by professional instructors that have experience not only teaching private in-person lessons, but actually teaching students via videoconferencing through computer apps such as Skype or Zoom. Hamrock Music Instruction has been teaching bass lessons, as well as guitar, songwriting, composing, and music production lessons, for over 20 years, with the last 10 years including online lessons via Skype.

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Skype works great for bass lessons because it contains a built in Chat system which the instructor can post the weekly assignment and any materials from the lessons, as well as a recorded video of the lesson. The student can then access all of this info for up to 30 days. Because of these features, as well as the fact that instructor Mark Hamrock has created very helpful, color coded visual aids in pdf format as materials for the lessons, a lot of students are actually preferring bass lessons over Skype.

For the best Skype bass lessons online, try a lesson with Hamrock Music Instruction to experience learning at a higher level. Sign up today for a 15 minute free consultation with Hamrock Music. Contact Mark Hamrock at 949-230-7136 or send an email to to schedule.