Listening to a progressive metal band like Dream Theater can transport you in a state of awe, especially when the tumultuous bass lines of John Myung start to kick in. Myung’s tapping style and 3-finger technique with pentatonic fills have given the band prestigious awards including the “greatest bassist of all time” title for himself.

bass guitar lessons

Bass guitar lessons are crucial for the budding musician

Of course, Myung didn’t just play out of passion – he studied. In fact, he honed his chops at the Berklee College of Music, the alma mater of other geniuses like Pat Metheny or Pedro Aznar.

This brings us to the question of how important bass guitar lessons are for a budding bass player. Does it really take formal education to play bass like a pro? As a music lover, you first have to understand your role when you’re holding that 4 or 6 string weapon.

Being the bassist, you are a key player in the band as explained by an article from the For Bass Players Only website:

Bands rely on some sort of rhythm to maintain a beat that everyone
else can follow and use a guideline for playing their instruments. Playing
a solo instrument by yourself isn’t extremely difficult, but when you
have to stay in sync with three or more members, you need a rhythm to
follow, which is where the bass guitarist comes into play – to create a
rhythm for other members to follow.

Not only do the lead guitarist and drummer need to follow the rhythm
produced by the bass guitarist, but so does the vocalist


While you’re ultimately responsible for connecting the harmony
and rhythm, you’ll inevitably be changing your beat to help out others in
the band.

With such a crucial role to play, there is absolutely no reason to ignore a bit of education. Taking bass guitar lessons in Orange, CA with good teachers can help you, as a musician, correct mistakes and eliminate bad playing habits. Moreover, expert instruction can help strengthen your playing ethic and it can likewise assist you in learning certain techniques or styles that you may not easily understand on your own.
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(Article Excerpt and Image from Why the Bass Guitar is the Anchor of the Band, For Bass Players Only)

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