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Mark Hamrock has been Orange County's premier guitar and bass guru since 1995, teaching students how to excel in every genre including rock, blues, classical, metal, funk, and country. After studying rock guitar with Rusty Anderson (Paul McCartney, Elton John, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Willie Nelson, Santana), classical guitar with David Tanenbaum, Scott Tennant, Ricardo Cobo, John Schneiderman, and Jazz with Alan Rowe (Stan Kenton Orchestra, Keith Jarret); Mark has gone on to tour extensively and perform in concerts featuring Jazz Legend Larry Carlton, Tim Reynolds (Dave Matthews Band), and Dave Mason with Traffic. He currently produces, composes, engineers, and teaches, and is working on developing a series of instructional books and videos for guitar and bass. In what little free time he has, Mark enjoys traveling, culinary arts, scuba diving, and entrepreneurial pursuits.
812, 2014
  • llessons for acoustic guitar

Lessons for Acoustic Guitar, Thanks to Dylan

By |December 8, 2014|Guitar Lessons|0 Comments

Anything an icon of music like Bob Dylan uses, it’s sure to score top dollar for music enthusiasts or collectors. In December, Dylan’s Fender Stratocaster, which he used at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival, sold for almost a million dollars at an auction. That sale broke the previous record for another Fender Stratocaster, which was owned by Eric Clapton. It sold for roughly the same amount in 2004. Continue reading “Lessons for Acoustic Guitar, Thanks to Dylan” »

1111, 2014
  • how to practice guitar effectively

The Value and Importance of Practicing Guitar

By |November 11, 2014|Guitar Lessons|0 Comments

“Practice makes perfect” is a popular phrase, and you most likely have heard of it. The idea behind the phrase is that the more you […]

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The Best Beginner Bass

By |October 3, 2014|Bass Gear|0 Comments

What is the best beginner bass? While there is no definitive single best bass for beginners there are a few good options depending on your […]

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  • music intervals

The Importance of Music Intervals

By |September 24, 2014|Guitar Lessons|0 Comments

What are music intervals and why are they important? Unfortunately, the concept of intervals is an often overlooked subject when learning guitar or bass. Intervals […]

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  • Stratocaster

The Best Guitar for Beginners

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What is the best guitar for beginners? It really depends on the genre of music you want to play as well as your budget. The […]