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Mark Hamrock has been Orange County's premier guitar and bass guru since 1995, teaching students how to excel in every genre including rock, blues, classical, metal, funk, and country. After studying rock guitar with Rusty Anderson (Paul McCartney, Elton John, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Willie Nelson, Santana), classical guitar with David Tanenbaum, Scott Tennant, Ricardo Cobo, John Schneiderman, and Jazz with Alan Rowe (Stan Kenton Orchestra, Keith Jarret); Mark has gone on to tour extensively and perform in concerts featuring Jazz Legend Larry Carlton, Tim Reynolds (Dave Matthews Band), and Dave Mason with Traffic. He currently produces, composes, engineers, and teaches, and is working on developing a series of instructional books and videos for guitar and bass. In what little free time he has, Mark enjoys traveling, culinary arts, scuba diving, and entrepreneurial pursuits.
207, 2019

Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners

By |July 2, 2019|Guitar Lessons|0 Comments

This blog post is the first in a series on easy guitar songs for beginners. In this installment, we’re going to start with learning easy […]

3107, 2018

Guitar Speed Exercise (Pentatonic)

By |July 31, 2018|Guitar Lessons|0 Comments

In my last blog, I talked about some techniques and tips for increasing speed on the guitar. Now let’s put them to use in an […]

1507, 2018

How to Increase Speed on the Guitar

By |July 15, 2018|Guitar Lessons|0 Comments

In this post we’ll look at how to increase speed on the guitar. Developing speed on the guitar will not happen overnight, and like any […]

1805, 2016
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8 Tips to Improve your Guitar Tone without Breaking the Bank

By |May 18, 2016|Guitar Lessons|0 Comments

Unlike most guitar players who obsess about tone, I have to admit that I never really cared so much about achieving a guitar god-like sound […]

2303, 2016
  • Improve your bass playing

Improve Your Bass Playing in 6 Steps

By |March 23, 2016|Bass Lessons|2 Comments

As a bass player, your job is to provide a solid foundation for the band you are playing in, both rhythmically and dynamically. These 6 […]

1401, 2016
  • rhythm guitar

Improve Your Rhythm Guitar Playing in 6 Steps

By |January 14, 2016|Guitar Lessons|0 Comments

Let’s face it, people in general do not naturally possess a good sense of rhythm and tempo. In fact, most beginning music students tend to […]

912, 2015
  • improve guitar solo

Play Better Guitar Solos in 8 Steps

By |December 9, 2015|Guitar Lessons|2 Comments

Assuming you understand the basic theory of playing in keys and the fundamentals of soloing, and you know the Pentatonic scale patterns, the following 8 […]

2312, 2014
  • beginner guitar

Beginner Guitar Mistakes to Avoid

By |December 23, 2014|Guitar Lessons|0 Comments

Like almost any musical instrument, some of the main things facing many companies or organizations who offer guitar lessons in Orange County, CA are beginner guitar players who take lessons for a while then just quit. This is typically because of certain misconceptions about the learning process that turned out quite differently. If you want to learn the guitar, here are a few things you should know. Continue reading “Beginner Guitar Mistakes to Avoid” »

1612, 2014
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The Advantages of Taking Private Music Lessons

By |December 16, 2014|Bass Lessons, Guitar Lessons|0 Comments

Whether you’re a parent looking to enroll your child into a nice music institution or a student seeking to broaden your artistic horizons, the right choice could spell just how much you can learn in the first place. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider getting private music lessons in Orange County, CA from instructors like Mark Hamrock of Hamrock Music. Continue reading “The Advantages of Taking Private Music Lessons” »

1112, 2014
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Bass Guitar Lessons – Honing your Axe

By |December 11, 2014|Bass Lessons|0 Comments

Bass guitarists are always integral parts of every band. Together with the drummer, they help round out the rhythms of every song despite repeating the chords all the time. However, there are nuances to nail down pat if any bass player wants to make it big in their combo, as Matt Scharfglass of Guitar World magazine points out:
Continue reading “Bass Guitar Lessons – Honing your Axe” »